Stray Art 1

April, 2016

Stray Art is a new series I'm doing for quick random renders. These projects take mostly a couple days of work and may use some my existing assets. It's a more relaxing approach for blitz art that I'll be doing more of soon. Individual renders are posted below.

The old rusty robot is available for Download along with the flamethrower model, a basic rig and various Cycles shaders.

Stray Art 1 header
Stray Art 1 header. Individual renders are below
The Forgotten Penguin render
The Forgotten Penguin. A study in scene mood and volumetric lighting
Rusty robot render
Flamedroid. A fully-rigged old rusty robot, and a Flamethrower ready to fire. Available for download
Rusty Flubbot render
Rusty Flubbot. An alternative render of the above robot, now in despair
Flying Fluff render
Flying Fluff. A very random flying superhero cat, inspired by artist Rakan Khamash