I started learning 3D modeling back in 2012 while developing a multiplayer video game on my own. Being a Web Developer, the whole concept of doing games was quite different, and doing it from scratch and on my own was perhaps a little too ambitious, so the project was put to a halt.

However, my newly found hobby in digital arts has grown and still is ever since...during which my passion in Software Development weatherd down a bit.

Since that time, I continued to develop and improve my skills in various fields of 3D art, including:

  • Modeling and proper Topology.
  • Sculpting and Retopology.
  • Textures and Materials.
  • Lighting and Compositing.

My tool of choice these days is Blender, the splended ever-improving open-source 3D suite, along with Adobe Photoshop for texture creation and post processing work.

In this corner of the web, I'll be posting some of my works that I find worthy of sharing with the world. Occasionaly, I'll be making some of the assets I used in my works available freely for download.